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In November we'll be picking a handful of projects to assist early-stage founders with ideation, development, and launching their product.

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  • Your idea aims at social good
  • You're part of an under-represented group in tech
  • You have some experience in your field
  • You're ready to dedicate a significant portion of your time to your project
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The virtual office

Image of the knock app

The idea

knock's founder already had a clear idea of what needed to be built. They started with a landing page, added a button to join a waiting list and some mockups. After a few weeks, the waiting list already grew with over a hundred. Now, it was time to start building.

How we helped

We came in after there was already some idea validation. The challenge was to keep costs low. It's never been cheaper to build on the web, but in this case, we needed to build a whole audio/video communication layer. We ended up building an architecture that is mostly p2p to avoid using popular video calling services such as Twilio or Agora which quickly get expensive. Today we still help maintain knock as well as developing new features.

Human text-to-podcast production platform

Image of Poise design

The idea

Poise creates podcasts from your content, making it more accessible & easier for people to fit into their lives. Repurpose your content into podcasts. There are just 2 steps - submit your content & choose your narrator's voice. Your podcast will be ready in just a couple of days.

How we helped

The founder of Poise had launched his product before contacting us but he wanted to improve ordrer processing on his side and simplify user journeys for content submission. That's excatly what we did.

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